Gossip and Knowledge (ESSLLI 2022)

Instructors: Hans van Ditmarsch and Malvin Gattinger


Week 1 of ESSLLII 2022
Monday 8th - Friday 12th August

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Gossip protocols facilitate peer-to-peer information sharing in possibly partial networks of agents. Each agent starts with some private information and the goal is to share this information among all agents. In distributed gossip protocols, there is no central processor or controller deciding who may call whom, but this is determined by independent pro-active agents and chance. In epistemic gossip protocols, knowledge conditions may restrict possible calls, for example you may not wish to call an agent who you know already to know your secret. In dynamic gossip, agents also exchange 'telephone numbers', which leads to network expansion.

This course gives a survey of results and methods in distributed epistemic gossip. Topics include constructing and revising gossip graphs, exhaustively enumerating call sequences, and model checking the conditions of protocols in suitable logics. We will present both the theory and Haskell-based implementations.


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